Alice Foo

Property Sales Associate

Whether you are in the market for a primary residence,an investment property or a second home, purchasing and listing real estate involves many important considerations and decisions. 

I can provide the focus, due diligence and expertise needed to help you find a home of your dreams, or to provide professional informations and marketing strategy to vendor when selling their home.

Buying and Selling real estate can be complex and sometimes even frustrating. 
It is no wonder sometime the sellers as well as buyers have many questions and concerns. 

As a professional real estate consultant, I care, listen, solved problem and serve my customer throughout the entire transaction. Emphasizing the importance of having integrity to do the right things and always put my client's needs first. 

To My Fellow Agents Colleagues, I believe in working together to serve our client's better. 

If you or your friends have questions regarding how today's housing market affects YOU. I am happy to help at any time.

Call me today at 0424722018 Email: