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126/838 Collins Street Melbourne, VIC 3000

  • Building/Land: 60m² (0.01 acres)

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Offices for Sale in Melbourne

Lifestyle Working,commercial functionality and environmental sustainability. 26000 rental income every year, and no outgoing fee.

  • Building/Land: 60m² (0.01 acres)

26000 rental income every year, and no outgoing fee. 4.5% rental increase every year, what you waiting for ?

Lifestyle Working Collins Street combines architectural vision and creative planning with community responsibility, commercial functionality and environmental sustainability.
The idea was first put into practice at Lifestyle Working Brookvale, NSW. The success of this empowering office environment on Sydney's northern beaches has inspired the team that created it to take their thinking to the next level. Lifestyle Working Collins Street is the result.
The Lifestyle Working Collins Street development accommodates over 137 individual commercial suites, and retail spaces, in a vibrant new workplace prominently located at 838 Collins Street, opposite the new ANZ Centre, and adjacent to the Myer National Support Office. The development forges a new benchmark in affordable sustainable office spaces, where leading-edge voice and data technologies, together with the most substantial solar generation facilitiy in a building of this type seen in Australia, come together to create a distinct advantage to those working, or investing, in the building.

Lifestyle Working Collins Street considers the needs of businesses beyond the traditional office parameter. To this end the building incorporates a series of privileged and semi-privileged spaces for tenants to utilize. The spaces afford various levels of privacy and containment within the building, as well as a flexible platform for meeting spaces, discussion areas, alternative working environments or a private nook for contemplation allowing occupiers to reasonably take far less space than they may otherwise need in a traditional office building.

Lifestyle Working is a porous environment where people move freely throughout the various private, privileged and semi- privileged spaces. It is a place that encourages a diversity of businesses where choice flexibility enables a richness of opportunity to express values, support varying needs of businesses and individuals.

Confident that vibrant communities engage collaborative social and economic activities, Lifestyle Working fosters a genuine character recognition that embraces values and commitment to growth and stability.

By innovative thinking and clever design, Lifestyle Working breaks down the delineation between how we integrate outside within, presenting a porous built environment that filters air, light and noise in a mimicking sense, where nature is encouraged, if not replicated.

Lifestyle Working challenges traditional the notion of how and where we work in a collaborative and flexible space, where choice is the foundation of the built form. As human beings naturally shy from change, change invariably comes about when risk and consequences are understood, and then managed through. The building provides an efficient environment where change is supported and technological, growth and contraction risks are minimised.

An active economic and social ecosystem, grows and evolves within itself, harnessing innovation and the sharing of knowledge in a collective environment. It fosters support and encourages a departure from the familiar. An alignment of values and principles promotes productivity and prosperity in a social, environmental and economic sense.

Challenging convention to encourage healthy and sustainable work practices, facilitates the breakdown between traditional buildings, conventional work practices and their environmental implications. Through the imitation or mimicking of nature, buildings and behavioural changes will contribute to a healthier community.

A responsible, sustainable built environment and a progressive collaborative culture, have a positive direct and indirect effect on the consumption of energy and water, the health and well-being of people, and the economic performance of that environment and the businesses and communities that operate within.

A sustainable community is one where every person is empowered and engaged in shaping the future economic, ecological and social sustainability.




60m² / 0.01 acres

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